The bridge on the river kwai

As the film and book meant to 'portray' the bridge over the Mae Klong, the Thai authorities officially renamed the river. This film was shot in Sri Lanka then called Ceylonand a bridge was erected for the purpose of shooting the film over Kelani River at KitulgalaSri Lanka.

The site includes the Hellfire Pass itself Konyu Cutting, dubbed 'Hellfire Pass' by the PoWs for the way the worksite looked at night by torchlight, and pictured right. Thousands of tourists flocked to see the Bridge on the River Kwai, and they hadn't got one, all they had was a bridge over the Mae Khlung.

But Laughton, a fine actor with such credits as The Hunchback of Notre Dame on his resume, was in poor physical shape—great for playing the corpulent Henry VIII in Young Bessnot so great for playing a British military officer in a prison camp.

The Japanese used Thai forced labour to construct the section from Nong Pla Duk to Kanchanaburi, and Allied prisoners of war for the section from Kanchanaburi onwards to Burma.

The construction was done using POWs and Asian slave laborers in unfavorable conditions. On a BBC Timewatch programme, a former prisoner at the camp states that it is unlikely that a man like the fictional Nicholson could have risen to the rank of lieutenant colonel; and if he had, he would have been "quietly eliminated" by the other prisoners.

Located fifty five kilometres north of Nong Pladuk also known as Non Pladukkilometres south of Thanbyuzayat, and five kilometres north of Kanchanaburi Kanburi. The major railway bridge described in the novel and film didn't actually cross the river known at the time as the Kwai.

Bridge on the River Kwai . . .

Two labour forces, one based in Siam and the other in Burma, worked from opposite ends of the line towards the centre. A year later on 23 October rail laying was completed.

Producer George Martin edited out the "K" every time the word "Kwai" was spoken.

Kanchanaburi Thailand Travel Informations The Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Approximately two kilometres north of Kanchanaburi Kanburi on the bank of the Kwai Noi river. It is believed that one life was lost for each sleeper laid in the track. Special trains run from Bangkok for tourists during weekends.

It also suffered during these air raids, the worst being on 29 November Also, in the novel, the bridge is not destroyed: The railway line was meant to transport cargo daily to India, to back up their planned attack on India.

You buy tickets from a special booth at the opposite end of the platform from the regular ticket office, next to the Tourist Police booth. This eleven span bridge had been dismantled by the Japanese and brought to Tamarkan from Java in The diesel power traction car shown here was used during the construction.

The resort exotic gardens act as a layover for different species of migratory birds and feature many different trees. It was intended to have the same name as the film, but shortly before its release, the film company threatened legal action if the name was used.

Pierre Boulle had never been to the bridge. Those with own vehicles may use the newly constructed expressway from Pinklao.

See the train timetable below. They also took the opportunity to recover equipment and documents which had been secretly buried, under instructions from senior POW officers, in the graves of deceased POWs. There is a slight technical problem with the Bridge on the River Kwai: Both the wooden and the adjacent steel bridge were subjected to numerous air raids between January and June The camp site was littered with great fragments of shrapnel, and one hut and the canteen were burnt to the ground.

This was an entertaining story. Tamarkan POW camp was located adjacent to both the bridges and a nearby Japanese anti-aircraft battery.

Tourists can use this time to sightsee and take photographs. With due and careful consideration in regard to transport economic as well as other aspects, the State Railway of Thailand was authorised to dismantle the track from the end of the line to Nam Tok Station and to upgrade the remaining length of The inscription on the plaque reads:The MIDI Movie Theme Songs is growing to include more movie themes both in the MP3 and of course the MIDI format, which this site was founded on.

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Of course the newer movies are nolonger available in VHS and many of the older. The Bridge on the River Kwai is a British-American epic war film directed by David Lean and based on the novel Le Pont de la Rivière Kwaï () by Pierre film uses the historical setting of the construction of the Burma Railway in – The cast included William Holden, Jack Hawkins, Alec Guinness, and Sessue Hayakawa.

It was initially scripted by screenwriter Carl. After settling his differences with a Japanese PoW camp commander, a British colonel co-operates to oversee his men's construction of a railway bridge for their captors - while oblivious to a.

The Bridge over the River Kwai (French: Le Pont de la Rivière Kwaï) is a novel by the French novelist Pierre Boulle, published in French in and English translation by Xan Fielding in The story is fictional but uses the construction of the Burma Railway, in –, as its historical setting, and is partly based on Pierre Boulle's own life.

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The Bridge on the River Kwai opens in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in Burma inwhere a battle of wills rages between camp commander Colonel Saito (Sessue Hayakawa) and newly arrived 94%.

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The bridge on the river kwai
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