The use of dramatic irony in twelfth night a play by william shakespeare

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Playing to the audience

Feste disguises himself as a priest to fool Malvolio. Shakespeare is truly the master of dramatic irony. The dramatic irony allows the audience to recognize this fact, and presses the issue even harder. Feste is certainly a vital link between not only the main and sub plots but also as a conveyer of the action to the audience.

This balances is representative of all the characters in Twelfth Night, they may be predominately comic yet they are never completely comic or completely serious.

After learning that the captain knows the Duke of Illyria, Viola asks him to disguise her as a eunich so that she may work in his service. We can easily be influenced by what we want desperately to believe.

When she goes to work for the Duke, he has Cesario go to Olivia's house to plead his love for him. Without the extensive use of dramatic irony, The Twelfth Night would not have been nearly as funny and therefore there are many examples of irony found within the play. As far as the conventional structure of a comedy goes, all conflict is minor and usually created merely through the suspense.

This has the effect on Twelfth Night as making it more true to life and therefore we as the audience can relate and understand the themes. Cite This Page Choose citation style: With these elements comes the dramatic irony that contributes to the comedic effect of the play.

Summary Analysis The next day, Orsino lounges in his palace as usual, attended by Cesario, Curio, and other servants and musicians. One of the best examples of dramatic irony is in his play The Twelfth Night, Shakespeare uses irony extensively.

Twelfth Night opens with a scene alluded to, but never presented in the original text. Without light we would have no darkness and for this reason Shakespeare has had to incorporate tragedy in order for the comedy to have its desired effect.

For example, in Oedipus Rex, Sophocles has Oedipus search for the killer of the king, only to find out that it was himself who did the killing.

Feste disguises himself as a priest to fool Malvolio.Feb 06,  · The Twelfth Night uses so much dramatic irony, and Shakespeare proves himself to be the unrivaled master of dramatic irony in this play.

Dramatic irony isn’t only found in this one of Shakespeare’s works though; there are many other examples of dramatic irony found in many of Shakespeare’s plays.

Twelfth Night: elements of comedy and irony Essay Sample. Trevor Nunn’s adaptation of “Twelfth Night” is a masterpiece of insight and nuance. Instead of simply playing this gender-bending comedy of mistaken identity, the director highlights the dark undertones of the plot which show surprising depth.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Twelfth Night, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Mar 04,  · The William Shakespeare Experience is a virtual book club, the goal of which is to read and discuss each of Shakespeare's plays in the approximate order that he wrote them. The Experience members are Mike Bazzett, Cindy Calder, Jim Darling, Gilbert Findlay, Randall Findlay, Derek Gottlieb, John U.

Harkness, Stu Naber, Ernst Schoen-René, and Doug Scholz-Carlson. In Twelfth Night, one example of dramatic irony occurs when Viola dresses as a boy, and the captain she is in love with feels an attraction to her, not knowing she is a woman.

Dramatic Irony in William Shakespeare's. Āla. Journal of Missan Researches,Vol(5), No(9), The result of dramatic irony is that of a.

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The use of dramatic irony in twelfth night a play by william shakespeare
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